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We are dog lovers just like you. We provide the services you need when you can't provide them yourself. A home away from home. Solutions to all your training problems. Bathing, grooming, nail trims, ear cleanings. Preparing your team for success in dog sports. Whatever makes your life with your dog better.


We love our job. We love to work with dogs. We've always tried to be the best, and we think we've succeeded.


In business at Meadowbrooke since 1997, we've been fortunate to serve many thousands of dogs and the families that love them. Our own dogs and several of our students' dogs have competed at the highest levels of obedience and agility.


We hope to continue to earn your trust!

Our logo, a black and white dog with a colorful butterfly, symbolizes not only the wonders of nature, but also the incredible potential we see in every dog. Yes, you can be entertained simply by observing your dog, but you can also work and play together, participating in all kinds of skills and games, a multi-colored array of possibilities.



Ace Russell


With a background in music and computer science, Ace “officially went to the dogs” in the 1990s when he and George Beck acquired their first conformation dog, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Ollie became a breed champion (CH) in 1999, and in 2002 Ace and Ollie became the first team in East TN to earn the Master Agility Champion (MACH) title. Ollie was the first Pem dog in AKC history to win both the CH and MACH titles. In addition Ollie achieved the obedience Companion Dog (CD) title. Ace also showed a Great Pyrenees dog to his breed championship and has titled several dogs in agility. He is the designer of multi-patented dog agility weave pole equipment and founder of the company Way To Weave. As Training Director for Tennessee Valley Kennel Club, Inc. (TVKC), Ace is currently working with a Pem (Garbo) and 2 Australian Shepherds (Bentley and Miata). Ace enjoys wilderness areas, classic movies, and puttering around the kennel property. In his rare moments of free time, he can be found in his music studio.

George Beck


With interests in literature, semantics and theology, George used his love of language to develop a dialog-based approach to dog training. His first obedience dog, Scotch (Golden Retriever), earned the highest title in AKC competition, Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH) in 2002, and went on to repeat those same qualifications 6 more times. George and Scotch were invited twice to the prestigious AKC National Obedience Invitational. In 2006, the year Scotch retired from active trialing, he was ranked among the nation's Top 10 Goldens, despite having competed on only 7 occasions. George and Scotch also earned both the Agility Excellent (AX) and Agility Excellent Jumpers (AXJ) titles. George competed with several other Goldens and enjoys his current Golden, Leo. George has also titled Great Pyrenees and Papillons in AKC obedience competition. When he's not working with dogs, George is usually reading or writing.

Susie Stout


Precisely one day after Susie and husband Lamarr moved into their first home, she adopted her first dog from a stranger in a parking lot. Since then, there has always been a dog or two in the family. Her fondest childhood memories involve exploring the woods in Oak Ridge with the family dog, Friskie (against her mother's wishes). 

Susie inherited an entrepreneurial spirit from her father and is self-employed in marketing and advertising since 1986. She is one of the co-owners of K9 Center of East Tennessee. She also is the founder of the "10k Every Day Walking Program" which promotes healthy activity to people who want to walk more. Susie has been riding and training horses since age 12 and owns a quarter horse. She also enjoys hiking, flat-water kayaking, and bird-watching. She served on the board for "Keep Knoxville Beautiful" for six years.

In August of 2014, Susie and her dog Chipper started taking obedience and agility lessons with Ace. She freely admits her agility addiction. 

Susie joined our training staff to work primarily with our Boarding School students. Her favorite thing about training? "Every dog is different. It is very interesting to figure out how we can help each one become a better companion. I love it when the dog's family is amazed by what happens in those two weeks. I LOVE my job, the people at Meadowbrooke, and working with our clients."

Susie lives with her husband, Lamarr, her seemingly immortal mother (celebrating 100 years in April 2018), an unpredictable cat named Amelia, and her dangerous dog, Chipper. (That's another story... and how she met Ace in the first place.) Daughter Annie lives in a tiny house in Indiana and Daughter Sarah Jordan is in a PhD program at Rice University.

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