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Healthy, happy and clean

Grooming rates:

A simple bath or a stylized cut


Just let us know what you want for your dog. Basic options include bath only, complete bath (with nail trim, ear cleaning and brush out), or grooming per breed.

Professional groomers


Experienced, careful and gentle, our groomers will get the job done, and your dog might even have fun!

No medicating


We never sedate dogs for grooming. Sometimes we have to give dogs a break, not do the whole groom all at once. Your dog will let us know when it's time for a rest, and we respect that.

Optional services


We can use your own favorite dog shampoo or one of our medicated products. If you'd like your dog's nails to be dremeled instead of cut, we are glad to oblige. Anal glands, de-matting, and flea/tick treatments are all no problem for us.