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Our clients are special to us. We consider you and your dogs a part of our family! "Word of mouth" is our strongest advertising. Thank you for the wonderful comments about our services!

Meadowbrooke Kennel calls itself “Knoxville’s Happy Dog Place,” and Knoxville is happy to agree. The kennel, which provides grooming, boarding, and training services for all your furry friends, has been around since 1997 and has taken care of thousands of dogs. Their friendly staff members are self-proclaimed dog lovers and make sure every dog is treated with a little TLC.


"This was amazing! My dog became livable -- never thought that would happen! Cain and I both are so happy we went to school. I would highly recommend Meadowbrooke to everyone."


Rhonda Loy - Cain





"Thanks so much for caring for our baby!! :)"


Margaret Reinhardt - Badger




"The style of training at Meadowbrooke Kennel is the best in my opinion. I do not believe that owners need to be the "alpha dog". I find it much more effective to learn a style of communication, a language, between owner and dog that lets the dog know what is expected of him, and teaches him to follow the authority of the owner. This is exactly what I have learned to do here. It isn't easy for me, but Ace is excellent at modeling and teaching this approach."


Mary Rhodes





"Best kennel I have ever dealt with!"


LeeAnn Koenig - Chapman





"Meadowbrooke Kennel takes special care of my German Shepherd. We sent him to Meadowbrooke for training, and he formed a special bond with all the employees there. He is afraid of thunderstorms and escapes from my yard. He always finds his way to the kennel and they take him in and provide shelter and love for him. I am so grateful for Ace, George, and all the staff at Meadowbrooke, not only because of the outstanding training they gave my dog, but also for the special care they give him when he is scared."


Lisa Jack - Rommel



"Alex loves her home away from home."


Sterling Owen - Alex





"Always do a great job."


Steve Buffaloe - Ali





"Our dog immediately begins dancing happily around the house when he knows we're packing his food and toys for a trip to Meadowbrooke -- and for good reason. The staff is incredibly friendly, and they do an excellent job of building relationships with the dogs. I would absolutely recommend Meadowbrooke, and not just for overnight stays; a day of playing and hiking can be a good way to spend the day."


Laura Pantoja - Budapest





"Great place! I appreciate the early pick-up so we can get on the road!"


Terry Kelley





Bud loves coming to Meadowbrooke. He is worn out when he gets home."


Mary Hooks





"Very caring staff at this kennel -- the main reason I bring my dogs here!!"


Mary Jane Davis





"What, no six star rating?!!! Excellent care! My kids return more spoiled than I make them! (is that possible?!)"


Debra Budney



"Thanks so much for taking such good care of my babies."


Patricia Evans


































"I cannot thank you all enough for helping me out with Sadie at the two week program! It has been wonderful and she is making more and more progress everyday!

George is absolutely awesome and hysterical!! Could not have found a better place to bring my dog!"


Jamie Smith - Sadie



I brought Dux to Meadowbrooke for grooming today, and just wanted to tell you how great the place is looking...and what a treat it is to be able to drive back to the kennel.

Mimi Meredith - 6/24/15

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