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Your dog's home away from home!

Professional staff
Experienced and committed to your dog's safety and well-being, our staff truly loves dogs!

Indoor/Outdoor runs
Closed in safely at night and during weather extremes. Free to run in and out all day in good weather. Yard time available as an affordable exercise option.

Rural setting
16 acres of genly rolling farmland. Yards, trails, stream and event fields.

Clean, safe environment 
Thorough daily cleaning, more often as necessary. Fencing is specially manufactured for dog kennels. All buildings are climate controlled.

We recommend that you bring your dog's regular food in sufficient quantity. This helps minimize upset stomachs. If you prefer, we're glad to feed one of our high quality dog foods at an extra cost.

Exercise options
Playyard, hiking, cuddle time. Lots of ways to engage and exercise your dog during their stay. You decide the frequency. Minimal extra charges per option.

We are happy to administer medications. Elaborate procedures may include a small additional charge.

Multi-dog discounts 
If you want your dogs to share a run, and if they live and eat together peacefully, you get a discount.

Emergency care
If your dog needs veterinary care during a stay, we are ready to go. We call you on the way, and if it's feasible to go to your regular vet, we do so. After hours, it's only about 10 minutes to the UT Vet School.

Owners live on site
Even during non-business hours, when staff aren't present, there are caretakers nearby. After hours care is perfect for housebreaking, since scheduling exercise times is so important.

Bedding / Toys
Feel free to bring something that smells like home, but no expensive beds or one-of-a-kind toys that your dog can't live without. We do our best to return everything in good condition, but we prefer not to be responsible for irreplaceable items.

Grooming / Bathing
If you'd like to have your dog spruced up before returning home, just let us know. Discounts apply if you pick up after check-out time (1 pm) when your dog is bathed or groomed on that day.

Transport availability
We may be able to arrange dropoff and pickup services depending on your location and the scheduling of your appointment.  Please submit your transport request at least 48 hours ahead of time!

Vaccination requirements 
We support you and your vet, and we follow general recommendations for preventing disease. Our current requirements include rabies, distemper/parvo+ combination (or puppy series), bordetella, and Canine Influenza. Not all vets offer these on a routine basis, so please check your records carefully and fill out the form below!

Open 7 days a week
For your convenience, our hours are 9-1 and 4-6 every day except Sunday, which is 4-6 only. Check-out time: 1 pm. Closed holidays.

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