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Boarding School

2-week program plus follow-up
Flat fee includes boarding, training, exercise/cuddling, collar and lengthy giveback lesson on the day you pick up. Please ask us about the included additional support after the initial training is done.

Language-based style
It's not magic, even though it looks like it when your dog responds to your voice. And it may not be intuitive for most humans, but our style is easy to learn, fun for you and your dog, and very effective. We do not use electronic devices.

All ages, all breeds, all issues 

We offer training for basic obedience, housebreaking, politeness problems, dog sports (especially agility, obedience and rally), service dog preparation and serious behavioral issues. We accept dogs of all ages. 

Expert, compassionate guidance
Successful dog sports competitors offer the most useful insights for all problems and goals. We want you to be successful too, even if you simply want a better dog around family and friends. Our staff is  committed to your dog's safety and well-being. We truly love dogs!

Highly popular!
Over 25 years of very happy owners and dogs. Word of mouth is our most successful advertising.

Training Days

The same expert training as in our Boarding School program
If your dogs are boarding with us anyway and you'd like some training as part of their stay, you can choose any number of daily sessions. Lessons and follow-up are not included with Training Days, so you will need to schedule those separately.

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